Engineer Commands

Global Configuration

There are several global configuration options in Engineer that apply to all commands.

-h, --help

Use -h or --help to list all commands, or use with a specific command to list all options.


# Show all commands
engineer -h

# Show options for migrate command
engineer migrate -h

-c, --config <file>

Use -c <file> or --config <file> with any command to override the default configuration file path (env.js). This allows you to use multiple environment files with the same set of migrations. See the init command for more information on configuration files.


The path to the configuration file, relative to the current working directory (required)


# Get migration status using env-other.js
engineer -c env-other.js status

# Get migration status using env/prod.js
engineer -c env/prod.js status

-q, --quiet

Use -q or --quiet to silence all logging and output (including errors).


# Run migrations in quiet mode
engineer -q migrate

-i, --info

Use -i or --info to increase the logging level with additional information about every request made by Engineer, including each request URI and response code.


# Run migrations in info mode
engineer -i migrate

-v, --verbose

Use -v or --verbose to show maximum logging. Note that this generates a lot of output.


# Run migrations in verbose mode
engineer -v migrate