engineer guid

Generate a globally unique identifier (GUID).


-s, --simple
Generate a simple GUID (no dashes, uppercase), which is generally better when working with content types (optional)

The guid command is provided as a convenience for working with field and content type IDs. Upon generation, the GUID will be copied to your clipboard for easy pasting into migrations.


engineer guid
# 7c72d3aa-2434-417a-9310-471c5f0fd52f

engineer guid -s
# 1058130A60A346FE87232228DB260811

About Content Type IDs

The guid command is useful for creating persistent content type IDs that remain the same even when migrating to other environments. You aren’t required, however, to explicitly set an ID if you so choose. Engineer uses a content type ID manifest list, which is used to store content type IDs for any custom content types created by migrations. These content types can later be referenced by name, allowing Engineer to automatically fetch the correct content type ID even if it differs from environment to environment.