engineer init

Initialize the current working directory as an Engineer project folder.

The init command creates .gitignore and env.js files if they do not already exist in the current working directory.


engineer init

Environment Configuration Options

The env.js (environment) file contains configuration options for a target SharePoint environment. You may have one or more environment files per project. Most importantly, this file contains a destination URL and authentication information for each SharePoint environment. Other configuration options are also available.

Absolute URL of the SharePoint site collection for this environment (String, required)
Authentication configuration object for node-sp-auth; note that some migration API methods support only SAML user/password or add-in client/secret configuration (Object, required)
Language setting for localization of all Engineer messages (default: "en") (String, optional)
Logging level for all Engineer messages; 0 is verbose, 1 is info, 2 (default) is warning, 3 is errors only, and 99 is quiet (no logging) (Number, optional)
Specifies whether Engineer should stop upon encountering an error during migrations and rollbacks (default: false) (Boolean, optional)

Important Security Consideration

If you are using source control to track migration changes, we highly recommend ignoring the env.js from any code repositories in order to prevent sensitive authentication information from being shared.

Engineer Translations

Want to translate Engineer into your own language? Check out the lang/en.js file on GitHub. Once you have translated all messages into your own language, feel free to submit a pull request with your new translation file.