Get Started with Engineer

What is Engineer?

Engineer is a powerful command-line tool to help track and consolidate SharePoint configuration changes in any number of environments. It’s like version control for site columns, content types, lists, views, and more.

Engineer is inspired by Laravel migrations, and is made possible by PnP-JS-Core, node-pnp-js, and CSOMNode.


npm i -g sp-engineer

Once installed, you can type engineer into any console prompt to run Engineer commands. Use engineer -h to see a list of commands.

Start a New Project

engineer init

The init command creates env.js in the current working directory. This file contains important configuration information such as the SharePoint site URL and authentication settings. Any authentication configuration supported by node-sp-auth can be used as the auth settings in your env.js file.

Install Engineer Lists

Once your env.js file is set up, you’re ready to install Engineer lists to your target SharePoint environment.

engineer install


Engineer uses migrations to track configuration changes made to SharePoint. You can use migrations to create a queue of tasks that are executed in order on any number of target environments. Think of migrations like source control for your configuration operations.

New Migration

engineer make my-first-migration

The make command creates a file called migrations/YYYYMMDDHHMMSS-my-first-migration.js (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS is replaced by the current UTC timestamp). Feel free to open this file to see what’s inside. By default, new migrations are configured to create a new list called My List when migrated.


engineer migrate

The migrate command activates pending migrations. A new list called My List will be created on the target SharePoint site when this migration is activated.

Roll Back

engineer rollback

The rollback command retracts active migrations. Once rolled back, My List is deleted from the target SharePoint site.

Multiple Environments

You can create copies of env.js, allowing you to store authentication and configuration for multiple SharePoint environments. Use Engineer’s --config option to switch environments when running any command.

engineer -c env/dev.js migrate
engineer -c env/prod.js migrate

Next Steps

Want to learn more? Engineer commands have a variety of options that allow you to fine-tune your migration operations. Find out more in the Commands documentation. Next, learn more about the migration API in Migrations.

Engineer Commands Explore the Migrations API